payment policies

Payment Method

We accept ONLY Visa and Master Card.  Payments are AUTOMATICALLY deducted using the payment information from your 1st (Acceptance) payment.  Our vendor is PCI compliant.

It is the responsibility of the player’s family to ensure forms of payment are viable and up to date.   Lost, stolen, expired or otherwise denied credit cards are the family’s responsibility to rectify.  If at any time you need to update your payment information you can do that by logging into your account  

Note on Multi-Payer Families: Families that share expenses between multiple parties (including separated and divorced families, shared custody situations, grandparents or friends that assist with fees, etc.) must themselves come up with the best approach that serves their situation while appointing ONE primary party responsible for making payments. 

Penalty for Non-Payment

BRYC Elite Academy requires collection of the fees it charges in order to cover operating costs and therefore, consequences must be established for families that fail to make payment in a timely fashion. Coach compensation is by far the highest component of the fee structure and it is unfair of player families to assume coaches can delay receipt of pay for services provided.

Any player whose family is more than 20 days behind in payment of Club or Team Fees may be suspended from play—practices, games, tournaments and events all included.  Habitual non-payment or a player whose family more than 60 days behind in payment may result in expulsion from the club.

Any player whose family is not current on payments at the end of their season (or has demonstrated a pattern of habitual non-payment) will be unable to participate in end-of-season events and ineligible for try-outs and/or financial assistance in the following season.