Why the BRYC ELITE Micro Academy?


Player development has become the primary goal of many governing bodies in soccer including the U.S. Youth Soccer Association.  Soccer clubs across the nation have and are adopting the "player development" concept and are making it their primary goal.  



True player development focuses on the development of the individual player and not on the development of the team.  While BRYC Elite recognizes the importance of the unity and cohesion of a team, the primary objective at the very young ages must be the positive growth and development of the individual child.  



The BRYC Elite Micro Academy will be a program that focuses on "player development" and not the development of "my team - your team".  The Micro Academy will identify players who are ready for a more challenging and competitive environment.  The Micro Academy will also serve as an introduction to the level of play that can be expected for those desiring to make the transition to travel soccer.