assumption of risk

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Training for and playing soccer carries with it certain risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of reasonable care taken to mitigate such risks.  Soccer is a vigorous team sport involving severe cardiovascular stress, exertions of strength using various muscle groups, quick movement involving speed and change of direction, and potential contact with equipment, fixed objects, and other participants (including participants that are older or younger and may be larger or smaller in terms of height and weight).  The specific risks vary from (1) minor injuries such as cuts, bruises, muscle strains or sprains, to (2) major injuries such as broken or fractured bones, concussion or lost teeth, to (3) catastrophic injuries, such as heart attacks or fractured skull or those that cause disfigurement, loss of mental capacity, loss of sight, speech or hearing, paralysis or death. Participants may also be exposed, or expose others, to contagious and potentially harmful or deadly diseases such as influenza, common cold, chicken pox, meningitis or measles.  This risk includes exposure to COVID-19, the virus that causes the coronavirus disease.

In addition, Participants may also be exposed to risks while traveling for club activities including vehicular accidents and those risks arising from hotel stays; exposure to large crowds; and exposure to risks related to the receipt of treatment for any physical or mental condition.

By signing this statement the Participant and his or her Parent/Guardian acknowledge that they have (1) read the previous paragraph (2) understand the nature of the activities offered by BRYC Elite Academy; (3) understand the demands of those activities relative to the physical condition and skill level of Participant; (4) appreciate the types of injuries and illnesses that could occur and (5) understand the risks related to travel and treatment which may occur as a result of participation with the BRYC Elite Academy.

Participant and Parent/Guardian hereby acknowledge that participating with BRYC Elite Academy and use of facilities utilized by BRYC Elite Academy and services is voluntary, and that Participant and Parent/Guardian knowingly and expressly assume all related risks.

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