BRYC Elite Academy partners with INOVA Sports Medicine

Concussion Baseline Testing Offered!

BRYC Elite Academy is proud to announce that INOVA Sports Medicine is our Official Concussion Management Provider for the 2017 - 2018 seasonal year.

Inova Sports Medicine and its team of concussion specialists will be assisting BRYC Elite Academy in maintaining compliance with state and local concussion laws, which are centered on yearly education of athletes, parents, and coaches. Pre-injury assessment is vital for the most positive outcomes and, in an effort to better manage athletes suspected of having a concussion, Inova Sports Medicine will continue to offer baseline concussion testing to BRYC Elite Academy athletes ages 5 and older.  Additionally, Inova Sports Medicine will have a dedicated concussion hotline available to answer questions, provide information and assist with scheduling concussion appointments.

Contact Information

Inova Sports Medicine's concussion hotline can be reached at 703-970-6427.

Baseline Concussion Testing

During the seasonal year, BRYC Elite Academy will work with INOVA Sports Medicine to schedule BRYC baseline concussion testing dates.  If you are unable to make these dates, you can still have your child tested and receive the BRYC Elite Academy discounted rate of $30 per test.

Register:  1.  Visit
                  2.  Create a free online account
                  3.  Select test time/location that best fits your schedule