Mission & Player Development Philosophy

“Development before Results” 

At BRYC Elite Soccer we are committed to produce players who demonstrate advanced technical skills, those who value ball retention and can perform at an aesthetically pleasing level, and players who are able to operate effectively in multiple systems of play and with a greater cerebral appreciation of the game.

In order for our club to best facilitate this commitment to our membership, we have defined a systematic program for teaching specific training ground themes at the most appropriate stages of players’ physical, psychosocial and coordinative development.
We have established development pods within our club structure, (Technical, Formation & Competition), which mirror the standard age bands of most progressive education systems currently in place in the USA – Elementary, Middle & High School. Our age grouping allows us to successfully implement a teaching curriculum that best fits the development stages of youth soccer players and replicates what standard US education programs follow in the general education of students in America.
Our emphasis at all stages of player development is to stress individual player improvement/growth, and to protect against the tendency for players, parents and coaches to focus on the success of independent teams within our club.
Recent Changes at BRYC 

BRYC has recently undergone a comprehensive restructuring process that has served to enhance our player development policies and enabled us to better implement a more progressive teaching curriculum. Our teams will operate on a year-round basis, with technical staff adhering to a preset training and player development program that is offered over the course of ten months.

The following NEW club structure outlines how players progress through the BRYC Elite Soccer training and development program. Defined aspects of our curriculum are introduced at the most appropriate junctures of physical, coordinative and social development with players grouped in specific training pods as follows: