BRYC Elite Micro Academy - Relaunch in Spring 2018

Registration to Open January 1st

 Why the BRYC ELITE Micro-Academy?

Player Development is the key component of the BRYC ELITE Academy Model.  The United State Soccer Federation and the US Youth Soccer Association are working together to support clubs who are making Player Development the primary goal and objective in measuring success.

True player development focuses on the development of the individual player and not on the development of the team. While BRYC Elite recognizes the importance of the unity and cohesion of a team, the primary objective at the very young ages must be the positive growth and development of the individual child.

The BRYC Elite Micro-Academy Program will focus solely on "player development" and not the development of "my team-your team". This program will identify players who are ready for a more challenging and competitive environment. It will also serve as an introduction to the level of play expected for those desiring to make the transition to travel soccer.

Elite Micro-Academy Player Development Model

Early Motor Skill and Cognitive Development enhanced by having more touches on the ball in open play scenarios. 

Experiencing success brings greater confidence, enjoyment and motivation.

Establishes all the basic skills - controlling, passing, dribbling, shooting and tackling.

Plenty of opportunity to improvise and take risks without fear of making mistakes.

Great variety of games within a familiar structure keeps it interesting for everyone.

The positive environment of discovery instead of instruction is much more stimulating than traditional coaching style.


Benefits of Mini-Soccer (Intra-Squad Scrimmages and Games)

Playing to multiple goals improves perception, peripheral vision and movement of the ball and spatial awareness.

Reduces crowding or swarming.

More time and space to think and make decisions.

Smaller players make up for their physical disadvantages through clever play.

Everyone usually scores a goal.

Rolling substitutions and equal playing time benefits everyone.


Frequent repetition of basic game situations gives greater opportunity to master them.

The two goal system creates options, which stimulates creativity and improvisation.

Develops support play and off the ball play.

Learning takes place in a fully integrated holistic environment, just as in the game itself.

There is no isolation or separation of technical, tactical or physical elements.