Refund Policy ('16-17)


When the BRYC Elite Academy extends and invitation to join the program, the Academy makes a committment to provide staffing, fields, and overall player development for a the seasonal year.  Therefore, acceptance of an invitation to join the BRYC Elite Academy is also a commitment for the entire seasonal year.  Expenses of the Elite Academy are incurred accordingly, with many expenses incurred in advance. As such, only in special situations will the BRYC Elite Academy Program consider refunding a portion of the annual Player Fee. 

  • Prior to August 1st, for any reason, a limited refund will be granted.  BRYC Elite Academy will retain $100 in administrative costs.
  • Between August 1st and the beginning of Fall league play, a limited refund will be granted for the following reasons ONLY: 
  1. ​Medical Emergency for which a player can no longer participate.
  2. Relocation from the area.

The amount refunded will be a pro-rata amount based upon the total time spent in the program plus $100 in administrative costs.  Furthermore, if monies are owed to the individual team said costs will be withheld from the refund.

  • Once Fall league play has begun, and continuing through the team's seasonal year committments (i.e. June tournaments), NO refunds will be granted.